Tree Surgery In Liverpool Including Pruning & More

Just like plants, trees need care – our tree surgery specialists in Liverpool know how to keep yours in excellent condition! Want to know the specific skills of tree surgeons? We can prune, shape, perform height reductions, and more. However, when you book us you also guarantee yourself expert support and advice. This will help you maintain trees well into the future. Need to book?

Our customer service is uninterrupted. You can connect with us 24/7 by telephone or online chat feature. Details on how to contact us are right here. We need to know how many trees you have, how tall they are, and what you want done exactly.

Remove Trees Up To 65 Feet in Height

Schedule us into your calendar now and discover:

  • Professional rubbish removal – you can ask us to remove green waste such as dead branches for a small extra fee. Do so after your service has concluded
  • Flexible time slots – you’re sure to find a convenient appointment. We’re available on weekdays, weekends, and Bank Holidays. Book now!
  • An emphasis on safety – no risks will be taken during your job. Specialist safety gear will be used at all times
  • Slashed prices – qualify by combing our tree maintenance in Liverpool with another service. Try garden maintenance or weeding and pruning
  • Technicians immune to bad weather – you’ll get expert help no matter what

Our Tree Surgeons in Liverpool – FAQ

What do I get?

A team of qualified tree surgery specialists with years of experience. Our team can care for trees that are 65 feet in height! The techniques we’re versed in include: pruning, shaping, height reduction, lopping, complete removal, shredding, and stump grinding.

What’s the benefit of pruning?

Selected branches and buds would be removed. This would improve the overall health of your tree, and restrict its size. Pruning also allows us to direct a tree to grow in a particular shape.

How does shredding help?

This service will result in dead branches and green clippings. If they’re shredded the overall volume of waste is reduced. Which is much better for you.

Anything else I should know?

Some trees are protected due to age or species. Yours may be one of them. If that’s the case you’ll have to get permission from your local council to cut it down. In addition, make sure the tree in question is solely on your premises. Your neighbours may be upset if it’s on theirs too.

We’re Skilled In All Tree Works

Extremely tall trees require the use of climbing boots, ropes, and ladders. These pieces of gear are industrial standard and they guarantee safety. Furthermore, if the diameter of your trees stump is large it could necessitate the use of many chainsaws. To this end, up to 6 different saws will be brought to your property – no chances will be taken. A stump grinder will also be brought. This enables us to chip the stump of your tree. Don’t worry, our grinder is extremely portable and compact. It can fit through any door frame.

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